Candle Making Hobby to Business: 4 Musts for Success

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I get it, you put the work in to get your candles smelling and burning perfectly and now you want to sell them. It’s crowded out there in candle land, but don’t be discouraged because that’s the good news! People want candles, they just have to want your candles.

But how do you go from being just another candle (in a sea of candles) to becoming a candle (and go-to brand) people want to buy? Well, these 4 things will help you on your way to candle business success:

  • Your Candle – smells amazing and burns perfectly
  • Theme – what is the “why” of your candle brand?
  • Marketing – customers can find your candles
  • Customer experience – an easy buying experience and packaging that says you care

First up is the candle itself.  As we’ve talked about before, this is everything.  The candle you make and sell has to smell amazing and burn properly.  All of this has to be figured out before you can even begin to sell. 

Your wax, wick, container, and fragrance all working perfectly together.  I made this mistake. I didn’t do nearly enough testing.  Big mistake all day long. 

Testing your candles will allow you to be confident in your product.  How many candles should you make and test?  Well there’s a great YouTube video all about it from Armatage Candle Company. Next up, you’re theme.

What’s Your Candle “Why?”

The theme of your candle business is so important and I definitely did NOT have when I first tried to sell candles. Looking back, it seems such an obvious mistake, so learn from me and get this one right.  

Ask yourself, “What are my candles about?”  This is the “why” of your brand. This gives people a reason to choose your brand over others.

How do you do this? Consider the ingredients you use, the scents you offer, and any special features or design elements that make your candles stand out. Is there a specific theme or story behind your brand? If not, you need to think about this.

Without knowing the “why” for your brand, it’s just another candle. For me, I combined my love of travel with my love of candles, so every candle reminds you of somewhere you’ve been, or somewhere you hope to visit one day. What’s yours?

Once you have identified your theme, you can make it part of your messaging, product descriptions, and marketing efforts. Make sure it shines through in all aspects of your business, from your website (or Etsy) to your social media posts.

By consistently highlighting your theme, you will build a strong and memorable brand identity that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Now your candles are amazing and you have a theme; it’s time to think about the customer experience.

Wow Your Customers

I missed this one too. Let’s assume you started your candle business and sold a candle (yea) from your website or Etsy and it’s successfully shipped to the customer. Now what?  Have you considered this part of the customer experience? I know I didn’t.  

It’s time to think about the packaging of your candle. Just like your theme, the way you package your candles plays a major role in attracting customers and setting yourself apart from the competition.

It’s not just about protecting the product; it’s about creating a powerful visual representation of your brand and the experience your candles offer.

Product packaging is your opportunity to make a memorable first impression. When customers receive their candles, the packaging should evoke excitement and anticipation.

Create this experience by including your brand’s colors, logo, and unique design elements into your packaging. Whether it’s a sleek and minimalist design or a whimsical and colorful approach, let your packaging reflect the personality of your brand and the story behind your candles.

Beyond looks, your packaging should also be functional and practical. Think about how customers will interact with your candles once they’re received. Is it easy to open and close? Is it secure enough to protect the candle during shipping?

Pay attention to the details, such as using sturdy materials and ensuring the packaging can withstand handling or transport.

In addition to the visual and functional aspects, consider incorporating a personal touch into your packaging. Whether it’s a handwritten note (a personal favorite), a small sample of another candle scent, or a thoughtful gift card, these little extras can go a long way in creating a positive and memorable customer experience.

Imagine opening your candle and seeing a votive of another fragrance? What a nice touch. One of the coolest personal touches I’ve seen is the wax seal on the candle wrapping… I love it (and I might use that one myself).

Personalized touches show that you value your customers and are dedicated to providing them with a unique buying experience.

So you know your candle is safe and smells amazing, your theme is making you smile, and your packaging is perfect. Now you need some customers. Your candle needs to be in front of people so they can buy it.  

Hello social media.  Using social media can further boost brand awareness and put your candle business on the map.

Social Media to Boost Brand Awareness

In today’s digital age, social media is an indispensable tool for promoting products. By using the power of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, you can expose your candle business to a vast and engaged online community.

One of the best benefits of social media is its ability to enhance brand awareness. Through regular and strategic posting, you can showcase your candle designs, highlight special promotions, and share stories behind your brand.

Consistently delivering valuable and visually appealing content can captivate your audience’s attention, setting your candle business apart from competitors.

Additionally, social media platforms offer valuable opportunities for customer engagement and interaction. You can encourage your followers to share their experiences with your candles, ask for product recommendations, or even host contests and giveaways.

These interactions create a sense of community and also generate user-generated content that further promotes your brand.

Another advantage of social media is its potential for viral marketing. When your followers share your posts or recommend your candles to their friends and family, you can quickly expand your reach and attract new customers.

This type of marketing can be powerful and cost-effective, helping you grow your customer base through word-of-mouth. To effectively promote your candle business on social media, you need a strategy.

I recommend starting with one platform and adding from there. Is there one that you currently use where you can promote your candles?  I had a personal Pinterest account that I turned into a business account to promote this blog and my candles. Start with what you know and create consistent content.

Consider using social media management tools to schedule posts in advance and analyze the performance of your campaigns.

Using social media effectively, you can increase brand awareness, engage your audience, and drive traffic and sales to your candle business.

Don’t wait any longer. Start your candle business now and remember, success is not a matter of chance, but a result of action. So, take action today, and watch as your candle business grows.

What do you have to lose?

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