Why Candles?

This blog is about all things candles and turning a candle making experiment into a business.  If you’ve ever thought about doing the same thing, I hope you come along…

My love of candles led me to a candle making class. I followed along, measured, poured, mixed, and left with 2 handmade candles. A little dream was born. Shortly after, I made a small batch of candles and gave them away as gifts. 

So, what next? Well, I listed a candle on Etsy without any planning and took it down the same day because I realized I had no idea what I was doing. 

But after a while, I was still dreaming about a little candle company, so I decided to try again. 

Before my listing on Etsy, I made many mistakes. One of the biggies was no theme, just basically, “Here are some candles.” If you’re wondering, that doesn’t really work.

To correct that mistake, I’m combining candles with my love of travel. 

My candles are hand-poured (in small batches) using fragrances inspired by dream destinations. I hope the scents remind you of your travels or the places you want to go…because life is an adventure.

Thanks for being here,