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Best Summer Fragrances for Candle Making
As a candle maker, one thing you know for sure is that fragrance is everything. Much of your time is spent experimenting with various scents because finding just the right fragrance transports you to a...
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Choosing the Right Soy Wax for Your Candles: A Guide
Choosing the right soy wax for your candles is an important decision when it comes to the quality and performance of your final product. With many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the...
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Why Vetiver Is the Perfect Fragrance for Candle Making
If you’re looking for a fragrance to add a unique touch to your handmade candles, vetiver may be just what you need. This essential oil, derived from the roots of a tropical grass, is a rich, earthy...
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The Art of Layering Scents in Candle Making: A Guide
If you’re a candle lover, you may have already noticed that some candles have a more complex and unique scent than others. This is because candle makers use the art of layering scents to create custom...
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